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Phalanx Friendly Fire

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CarGoesBeepBeep #1 Posted 22 February 2018 - 06:51 PM


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Currently in the low tiers, there are a lot of new players who don't realize that phalanx does friendly fire.  The issue is not with the player that is using the phalanx, but the ones who charge through allied phalanx.  I'm seeing plenty of blobbed sword and cavalry units charging behind my spears, usually through and not around, which incurs a penalty on me even though I was already engaged with an enemy unit.


My suggestions to help alleviate this are:

  • A more detailed tutorial that explains the properties of a wider selection of units and abilities.  The current tutorial only shows Roman swords, which only explains one unit type.
  • A phalanx icon next to the unit flag only visible to allies.  This will help prevent confusion whether a unit is in phalanx or not.
  • If all else fails, phalanx friendly fire should not incur penalties if they were already engaging an enemy.

traumadisaster #2 Posted 22 February 2018 - 07:16 PM


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It's just a Benny hill show at this point

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