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Formation Changes after patch........Retentus, Gladiators, etc.

Retentus Gladiators

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Letum_Cruento #1 Posted 15 February 2018 - 10:22 PM

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I play almost exclusively Roman, so I don't know what othr formation chnages have taken place.  ANd I don't hagve all the ROman units, so there may be some I missed.  Just wondering what the thought process was behind:

-Retentus used to be a wide formation, sword infantry, but in a line like spears and pikes. Now they are in square formation like all other Roman infantry?

-Murmillo Gladiators used to run and engage in a loose roughly square formation.  Made sense to me as they were irregulars, got bonuses in the woods like the barbarians they were (albeit with Roman armor).  Now they are in tight square formation like other Roman infantry, which slows them down on Terrain, turning (cause they hold formation) and flanking (because again, they hold formation.

Can you cluse us in why these or other formation changes I am not aware of changed?

BTW:  Good job keepin on keepin on.  Excited for you guys, excited for you to get to your Open Beta milestone (know what that means to a dev) and excited to see Carthage!

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