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juliuspfpf #1 Posted 15 February 2018 - 07:52 AM


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Good day,


I was wondering if the maps will be locked to certain tiers again when it goes open beta. I did not see anyone talking about it yet on here.


Some lower tier maps would be fun in high tier game.

Would it be possible to have all maps available at all time regardless of tier?

Xeir_1 #2 Posted 15 February 2018 - 11:12 AM


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Block Quote

Would it be possible to have all maps available at all time regardless of tier

 Long time ago it have been working like that, but with time developers noticed many issues. New players didin't payed attention at each place what they should i mainly mean base and what is going on map.

it have been usualy ending with ninja caps of half team because other team ignored half of map, so there was in past a lot of topics at forums about " to fast base caping" (Hard not to lose game when 6 people was in our base)



With current change where map is locked to tier developes can guide players longer also from time when developers added bots to game they almost removed topics suggesting changes in base caping.


So i would like not agree to unlocks maps to every tier since that would create only problems what developers not long ago fixed. But for example near of tier 8 would be interesing to return to old maps, but this also can create problems since these maps never was created to experienced players so that could lead to unbalanced matches.


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