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Friendly Fire Penalty Way Overboard

Friendly Fire Penalty

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erickswong #41 Posted 19 February 2018 - 11:25 AM


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I don't think phalanx formation should friendly fire at all. All it should do is knock back friendlies. This will also prevent your case of silver punishment.


Edit: This will result in pikes not caring about friendly engagements and walking into fights and putting pikes down. I am unsure whether this will be a good thing or not.

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DonaldJJTrump #42 Posted Today, 02:07 AM


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how do i report players? A guy named Roa intentionally ffed me at the beginning of a match with ground fire. 

LiuBei #43 Posted Today, 08:11 AM


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Yeah I have to say the friendly fire in this game is super poorly programmed. You can barely be touching an ally while using phalanxe formation and it will destroy them. Not to mention you will clearly shoot an enemy and your allies will use all of their abilities to rapid charge into them earlier than they should have. Same with charging into your phalanx. Also phalanx shouldnt do that much friendly fire in regular melee, having an ally charging into them yes....but if you are fighting an enemy and your ally IS ALMOST DIRECTLY TO YOUR RIGHT SO NOT FACING YOUR UNIT AT ALL...IT SHOULD DO LITTLE TO NO DAMAGE (seriously what idiot will turn to his left while an enemy is in front of him to stab an ally?). The penalty is also too much. Especially seeing how stupid some players can be, or how hard it is to find non engaged units to shoot at (shooting at a super elongated flank of an engaged enemy and having like 3 arrows hit allies despite focus fire being quite far from them is silly). 

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