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Losing gold/free xp bug

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Torgrimmer #1 Posted 14 February 2018 - 07:59 AM


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One thing I have notice and  i believe is a major bug is ever time you use gold to convert Free xp, It rounds down the xp, For example, the rate is 1 gold for 25 xp. say you have 138 xp and you convert, you use 5 gold and convert 125 of it, and in the process your being reset at 0 losing the 13 xp. that adds up. I did it a few times after some matches and here is the screen shots below:


Screenshot one: http://s1372.photobu...5jvn3w.png.html

Screenshot two: http://s1372.photobu...xognvu.png.html

Screenshot three: http://s1372.photobu...25anmv.png.html


Screenshots above show, first one shows i had 1082 xp. 1 gold convert 25 xp. Second shot shows conversion of 1075; the last shot shows the finished transaction where i converted 1075 of my 1082. but i my left over xp was missing of 7 xp was missing.







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