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Pikes -- no cooldown when toggling between Phalanx formation

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macpla_NA #1 Posted 10 February 2018 - 12:00 PM


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Hi Commanders, 


I kindly understand why Hoplites phalanx has 10 second cooldown between formations (I have made way to much FF because I was not able to toggle it between 10 second intervals). Again I am OK with it.


I just don't get why you are letting Pikes to change formation almost instantly. Today I was chasing down enemy Pikes which were trying to sandwich my teammate Germanicus. They had 5 second advantage over me and I was hoping to pin them down the same way how they were planning to do with Germanicus. Anyway due to massive DPS for Pikes in Phalanx 3-4 seconds was  enough for them to mow 80% of a heavy infantry then in literally 1 second to pop up Phalanx, do a 180 degree turn in a standard formation and pop Phalanx once again just before I hit them. 


I understand that from a mechanics point of view and balance you can't give them 10 second cooldown as it is for spear units, yet give them at least some. 


Also you probably get the idea that current Pike implementation makes them 100% aggressive unit, and no one play them for defense ? 


PS. Little off-topic:

+20% for attack and +20% for damage for Heavy Infantry on roads is still a huge joke and has no sense. I do get extra speed buff or charge but attack and dmg, C'mon !! Devs at least let me know that you are aware about it and this is not an artifact.

Thallatos #2 Posted 21 February 2018 - 06:10 AM


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question about pikes.  Can Pikemen attack when their pikes are up or do they just stand there?  i know that spears can attack when not in formation pretty well.  All i seen when pikemen are not in formation they get destroyed.

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