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Not Able to Play Since 2.4 Update

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Frith #1 Posted 07 February 2018 - 04:49 AM


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After the 2.4 update, I have been unable to play TWA.  I submitted a support ticket; the support technicians responded quickly and professionally.  They first asked me to tweak by video settings, then they recommended I uninstall and reinstall the game client.  The latest suggestion is to uninstall my video drivers and reinstall them.  I am unwilling to do that; TWA is the only problem I have with my online experiences.  I've already spent hours trying to fix this problem.  My last response to support:


"we would like to exhaust every troubleshooting that we have to ensure you can have a good game experience."


Having a good game experience does not include me trying to correct issues that may not exist on my computer.  My video drivers work fine; they worked with TWA until this latest update.  My system is not broken, I simply have a configuration the developers made problematic with the last update.  I like TWA, but not to the point where I am willing to continue to experiment with solutions that may or may not correct the new problem with the TWA client.  I understand the limitations of beta testing, but as your customer, I expect the game developers to create a product that provides the game experience across many platforms and operating system versions.


I appreciate the attempts by Technical Support to help me resolve this issue that prevents me from continuing to play, but again, this problem did not appear until update 2.4, and I view it as a failure of the developers instead of an individual issue with my computer.


Please close my support ticket.  Thank you for your assistance.


I'm not angry, and I appreciate the attempts of the support staff to help me resolve my issue.  I'd like it passed on to the developers if possible, to avoid things in updates that dumps on the Technical Support staff.  If everything works fine before an update, and then suddenly stops working afterwards, it's not a problem for support, it's an issue with the new version.  My computer did not suddenly stop working; something about the new version doesn't work with my operating system, and it's my opinion it's the responsibility of the developers to create a game that works across multiple operating systems and configurations.



Xeir_1 #2 Posted 13 February 2018 - 11:19 AM


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Last chance:

Hello sir can you please upload here your appdata folder, you can find it at:


Block Quote

C:\Users\ PC NAME \AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Arena


There should be enoght of information what could help me try figure out if i can help somehow, in past there was at last few topics where community from few regions step after step was  able to slowly locate the source of  problem.


Thank yoy its never to late to give up since open beta is coming to our game in next week !

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