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Post-release faction expansion: Pontus

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Mister_Avnas #1 Posted 04 February 2018 - 07:30 PM


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it'd be nice to see increased faction numbers post-release.


this would increase playercount after dropoff after release if it is done efficiently.


The Pontus faction would introduce new unit types to the game and also reuse many current assets. 



the Pontic cavalry tree is divided into three types, beginning at tier 5. light pila cavalry, chariots and super-heavy cavalry.


the pila cavalry would be weak to range and cavalry attacks, but strong against infantry. it would be countered by reciprocal pilum attacks and infantry charges due to short range. (no dev time cost really beyond balancing) the highest tiers of this light cavalry would start to function as a melee unit more effectively.


Scythed Chariots would avoid most run-through damage, cutting enemies they pass, but quickly being overwhelmed if not used on the very edge of formations. they're the phalanx of cavalry, but they can be overwhelmed when used incorrectly by any unit, even archers. (dev time cost: chariot models)


Cappadocian Cavalry would be extremely armored, relying on swords or maces between tiers. they're there to be an immovable flanking force. maces would excel at knockback. (dev time cost: cataphract armor which could be reused on persian factions)




Infantry is divided into two trees, Hillmen and Pikemen.


Hillmen are a pure ambush unit. they have lower detection values than other units and longer view range in harsh cover. they're there to wait for the perfect moment to strike. hillmen have mixed weapons so they're more disorganised than other faction's units, but they have higher flanking bonuses than other factions.




the pikemen are a carbon copy of greeks for consistency 




since there is a horse-pila tree there is no need for archers.



Ancient_Exile #2 Posted Yesterday, 02:39 PM


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Pontius would of made one hall of a HYBRID faction with Greek, Roman, and Eastern unit type compositions.........Pikes, heavy/medium cavalry, heavy infantry, and even some eastern archers/horse archers.........Could be cool even their premium units could of consisted of Galatian/barbarian mecenaries and some eastern units..........Chariots would be so hard to balance but hell we are getting Elephants from the "Lord of the Rings" so chariots could be doable as well........ 


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