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Game mode change from cap to last man standing?

Game Mode Capture Last man

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KuraiLelouch #1 Posted 29 January 2018 - 06:55 PM


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I searched "game mode, capture" around the forum i didnt see much apart from people complaining about losing to caps

I played WOT, WOWS while capping POI is alright for them (eg cant cap when enemy units inside + several POI to cap + point deduction when warship is destroyed) I dont think capping POI is the way to go

one of the problem is that even if u have the units to win say 10 inf against 11 cav then 11 cav simply wins because of its speed cap -> run -> u leave cap again (not a good example but w.e just thought of one quick)


Let a "death circle" appear after timer runs out 

Death circle can be : Earthquake, tsunami waves, lighting, volcano etc etc

The death circle will reduce in size as time goes on like popular fps games (pubg) However being outside the circle means theres a chance of your units dying -> getting hit by earthquake(holes on the ground swallow your units) / hit by lighting / volcano eruption / lava etc etc


The reasoning behind this is that theres more than enough time on the clock to settle which team is better and let the players focus more on battle than capping at lower tiers capping is not really a problem at high tier because everyone knows what they are doing + ppl play defensive around ranged/arty

some people may say oh everyone is going to play defensive until clock runs out but this is the case already at T7/T8-T10 people tend to play defensive and lure melee units in anyways OR one side wins 1 side loses and u have this random cap vs def cap situation

Also playing defensive may not be the best option in death circle mode pulling back while your enemy pushes means your enemy are closer to the center and u lose vision in forests/grass and when death circle comes you are forced into pushing forward


Maybe im wrong but I just dont find it fun having players fight over 2 POIs (maybe 1 POI will work in siege mode) or maybe its because its closed beta/ no ranked mode it just doesnt feel like a total war game

in a good game team communicate and work together good fights

in a bad game its just afks/ brainless pushers trying to get the game over with to get exp switch commanders (then again this problem always existed in WOT WOWs u dont lose credits until T8 so theres no punishment for pushing and dying without helping the team)


I wrote this at 5am hopefully im making sense xd

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OtterWolf #2 Posted 29 January 2018 - 08:11 PM


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Some good suggestions here... (yeah, I kinda could follow the 5am ramble:teethhappy:)

Your death circle idea sounds like the Halloween Event in WOWS last year... a growing circle of mystery fog enveloped your ships and ate away at your HP.


I'm guessing that after launch the devs will work on other game modes, such as domination like in WOWS, Conquest in WOWP, instead of just Standard battle all the time.  Maybe even something like WOWS Epicenter mode.


Right now, there is a lot of yoloing, and AFKs because of the push to build up the game count before the OBT wipe.  Hopefully this will correct itself.

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Vipus_2017 #3 Posted 30 January 2018 - 04:19 PM


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I feel that getting rid of cap point would be detrimental to the game. Yes it sucks getting capped when you are winning but it also adds a dynamic to the strategy. You have to pay attention, if you don't you lose. This is not going to completely feel like a total war game, if you want that then go play total war. This game is to bring total war elements into a multiplayer game. Since this game is still in beta and numbers are small everyone is together, but not everyone speaks the same language. How can you all communicate besides with pings and drawing if you don't speak the same language. 


There is also the issue that more games would end up going all the way to time. You think high level games are defensive now how do you think it will go if you can only win by numbers. As it stands you also get individuals who refuse to give up even when there is no hope of winning. Being stuck in a full 15 minute game because 1 group of cavalry refuses to give up would be absolutely infuriating if there was no way to end the game quicker. How is death circle any different than base capping late game?


I agree other game modes would be fun like Castle siege, and king of the hill. I feel that getting the game balanced and debugged should take precedence over variety of content, that can come with time.Some people would have no interest in other game modes so separate ques for each game mode is usually preferable. Right now there are so few people you need a bigger community to support things like that. 


I also think that it would be nice if you could veto a map you don't want to play. That also takes a bigger community with more than 1 game running at specific tiers. 


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Robert_Oakridge #4 Posted 30 January 2018 - 05:06 PM

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I think the speed at which you can capture should be capped well below what it is.  Capping in 10 seconds is ridiculous with the size of some of these maps. Scale it depending on number of units in base, but cap the speed at around the speed 300 troops capture at currently. 

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