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Jan. 24 Reddit AMA Answers!

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The amazing developers from Creative Assembly joined the Reddit community to answer your questions! You can read the entire conversation here, with answers to some of your burning questions below!


Q. Itsybitsypony: What is the ugliest vegetable?

A. CA_Jamie: Turnips. Every time.

A. Josh_CA: I think that cabbage is pretty ugly, it looks like an alien head.


Q. flash978: What is your favorite potato dish?

A. Josh_CA: Hardest question of the thread, but I'll go with mashed potato

A. CA_Jamie: Hash browns. Hash browns in a breakfast. Hash browns in burgers. Hash browns in burritos. Hash browns are just great. Do sweet potatoes (yams in America I think?) count? If so then I make a great sweet potato soup


Q. Mahribar: Are there any news about the archer equipment bug for t8? Will it be fixed with the upcoming patch?

A. Josh_CA: Yes, it will.


Q. Teh_Naacal: Any news on a Linux version?

A. Josh_CA: Not as far as I'm aware, sorry!


Q. PexP: Can someone say someting about steam rewards ?

A. CA_Jamie: Something about steam rewards

A. Josh_CA: To add onto this brilliant insight. Rewarding steam players is very very difficult as the two accounts aren't inherently connected. We're not ruling it out, and we're looking at how it could be done, but we can't promise anything at the moment.


Q. Maximus218: I want to know why some Alpha players have receive all of the premium unite of the ultimate bundle. Just to know what i forgive to do when i was one of them

A. CA_Jamie: I know that some players have earned the Ultimate Bundle in some of the events and competitions that have been run since we started closed beta, but I'm not aware of any Alpha who have just straight up been given Ultimate Bundles.


Q. chescatt: Are we allowed to ask questions about beta waves? I just found out about the game and was just curious about how often you let people in. I was also curious about units from war hammer being added in? Do you guys plan to ever do it or do you feel that it'd be too out of place?

A. Josh_CA: Of course, assuming you're referring to the neural oscillation in the brain with a frequency range of between 12.5 and 30 Hz.

Jokes aside, we let people in pretty often, we even PM people keys sometimes  (check your inbox)

I think we've effectively ruled out adding warhammer units at this point, the game came from the vision of a historical battle royale, and that's still the vision.


Q. Maximus218: Hi CA and Wargaming, first thanks to develop this awesome game. I want to know when the Gladiator Badge will be add and if the closed beta account will be save for the release of the game. Sorry for my english i am French. And yes can the Barbarian have axe and sword in their infantry and not only swords ?


A. paulss9_CA: Hi Maximus, it's highly unlikely that you will keep your experience progress from closed beta into the actual release version.

But any gold you buy will be refunded, so you can reuse it again when the official release is happening.

A. Josh_CA: To follow onto that, check out our immortals programme https://totalwararen...d-be-immortals/ to see the open beta rewards you will get for playing in closed beta


Q. chescatt: Thanks! Just another random question, do you guys plan on trying to push the game into the e-sports scene?

A. Josh_CA: I think that we'd like to see if the e-sports scene wants us instead of trying to push ourselves into it. If people enjoy playing the game competitively and in an esport environment, we'll increase the level of support we give to those features, but we don't want to force anything and try to tell people that our game is/isn't an esport, I think that's for players to decide.


Q. RoninSzaky: Can we expect a ranked game mode once the game releases?

A. Josh_CA: We are currently in the early stages of creating a ranked mode. The framework for it is being looked at


Q. Karizmaunit: 1) Is there anything you can tell us about clans 2) Any rough date when the obt will be out thanks

A. Josh_CA: Clans is still in the works. We're hewing out the details, but we're hoping to start working on the framework for the system in the near future I can't give any numbers, but we are currently in the final stage of CBT, so keep an eye out.


Q. HonkdeHenkPC: Can i play as PONTUS In the future?



Q. RhiaLoL: My friends and I had played TWA from the first days of beta and were super excited to play the game, however we all quit when the game turned into nothing but archers and siege every match. I and many people think that the game is unfun and unrealistic when its nothing but range fighting range. With that said my question is do you or have you yet nerfed ranged and limited it to more accurately represent historical values and numbers?

When people come to play a game like this they want to see massive infantry formations clashing with cavalry trying to get flanks with the occasional archer unit. What we don't want is unhistorical siege units killing everyone before they get to battle and then 75% of the units in the game being ranged.

While most of the people who agree with me have likely already quit so the feedback you get will be biased to the current model your game will not be successful without changing it(If you haven't already).

A. paulss9_CA: At the moment, the overall unit type distribution is roughly 50% melee infantry, 20% archers, 20% cavalry and then the rest.

These numbers change the higher you go in tiers in the favor of melee infantry and cavalry. Remember that Roman cavalry is unlocked at tier 4 and Greek cav is unlocked at tier 3.

While we have some temporary power spikes on certain ranged units, the meta is still solid and my first sentence remains valid.


Q. Archenuh: Hey there! I know this has been answered but it was quite a while ago at the start of CBT.

Giving the fact that Wargaming now publishes the game, will we get unified premium time and gold at some point? I see that the game still uses gold as premium currency and I was expecting it to differ to the other games if it won't be unified across the board with the other games, similar to how the premium currency for World of Warships is named "Doubloons" to avoid confusion.

If the definite answer to the unificationof premium currency is no, shouldn't the name be changed from gold to something else at some point?

A. Akriom: As it's the first game not developed by Wargaming to be on the Wargaming Game Center, we've decided to keep things separated. The idea of changing the name of the currency could be nice, but gold is a universal term and has always been the name of the currency to buy goods across time, and as our game will be crossing time and locations it is the only common denominator (with silver) that we can use. If you find anything interesting that could make it, don't hesitate to make a suggestion thought!

A. Archenuh: I've seen DETrooper on the community Discord suggest "Aurei" as a replacement. It feels pretty unique, easy to remember and use and quite awesome to pronounce! Really fits the game as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aureus


Q. ArchieBunker74: What is the average monetary figure you want the average Joe to pay, and the average hours per week you want us to play twa?

I only have a few hours a night after kids go to sleep. Btw I've loved CA since the beginning and will buy all of you products at some point on sale, but I can't pay thousands per year for twa. Thanks. I and many didn't buy swbf2 and don't want twa to have those issues.

A. Josh_CA: I don't think we have a designated amount of money or hours. The philosophy behind ARENA has always been that we want to be a focused version of the Total War Battles. Having the 15 minute time limit on battles ensures that people who have jobs, kids and busy lives don't have to worry about committing to a 60-hour campaign, you can play a few battles when you have the time.

In terms of monetization, we've always made sure that you don't have to pay a penny to get to the top tiers. Premium units are balanced time-boosters for those who want to climb the tiers quicker, but are by no means a necessity. We also use premium units to offer an alternative playstyle to the core units, so they'll be unit types from different factions etc, but those unit types are available to unlock for free elsewhere.

I have a few different accounts, and there's one where I put in maybe 5 hours a week, and they've just hit T6 with their third commander, which is where I'm most comfortable. So I guess for the 'average hours', it depends on what you want to accomplish, to play the game in the middle tiers or get to the really competitive top tiers.


Q. WipeoutVasusu: Barbarian archer right now are terrible and useless. the bonus that the current commanders give are a joke.

Arminius give them a +5% range on his "ultimate" at t9...how this could help them...(and you lose your 5-3m CD "ultimate" from a single arrow). 1.1 Frenzy in useless on them. 1.2 Momentum is terrible on them, in order to get the full bonus you need to move for 1 minute and as soon as you stop to fire you lose the bonus.

Vercingetorix can give them a 12% range damage on iron defense from T10 talents but their damage is still to low to overcome the enemy armor (even greek archer get only AP damage from them. 2.1 you can't use defiance on them. 2.2 scorched earth is really bad on them because the range is too low and they doesn't have any speedboost, so using this ability most of the time will put you on a bad position.

Boudica with them can only use her 2nd ability Ambush that give +10% range and some view range and a massive speed debuff. and is the only ability available for them, they can't use her charge or her ultimate.

this talents are just a waste, they should be change with something actually usefull for infantry, cav or dogs

an interesting change to resolve the problem could be this (from a post that i've made on the forum): "would be interesting if they could be a half infantry/half archer unit, their archer stat are already mediocre, maybe they could be like the dogs handler in combat, since their unit is already small they shouldn't be able to deal too much damage. they could flank and hold the line a little against infantry and cav."

link: http://forum.totalwa...rbarian-archer/

A. CA_Dave: Hey,

We discussed adapting current commanders to better support the archer line, but ultimately, we feel the best way to improve this area will be by introducing a Commander to really get the job done.

So I guess the big news is: "We're introducing a new Barbarian Commander!" He's currently in production, and will be primarily archer focused. That's as much as I can give away right now, but he's historically an interesting figure, and we think fits the role well.

To comment a bit more, we really like the idea of hybrid units, it's something I think we'll explore in future factions.


Q WipeoutVasusu: With the introduction of the new commander will you change the "archer talents" on the other commanders? they are kinda wasted right now and they will be even more useless when the new commander will be introduced

A. CA_Dave: We're definitely up for assessing them. There are some interesting options Vercingetorix's damage boost offers to throw javelin abilities, for example, but others we may re-assess.

A. CA_Jamie: It depends what we end up doing with his ultimate. They may change, or the new ultimate may make them super good.


Q. WipeoutVasusu: Anything about Arminius? right now he is the weakest commander, his ultimate is basically useless and can get deactivated with a single arrow (or pilum) also it have a massive CD. frenzy is his only decent ability but even when maxed in gives a massive debuff on melee defence and momentum take a whole minute to get his full effect.

A. CA_Jamie: Nobody here is happy with his ultimate. We've got a few things in the pipeline to try and help the situation but they were so out-of-the-box we're still considering whether they should even exist in Arena or not 

Q. WipeoutVasusu: good to hear. What about frenzy and momentum? they are still to weak when compared to other commander

A. CA_Jamie: It depends what we end up doing with his ultimate. They may change, or the new ultimate may make them super good.


Q. WipeoutVasusu: "Falxmen have got a slight HP increase and will be better at killing armored units (30% of damage will ignore armor (was 15%)"

Is this a hidden bonus? i know that they ignore shield but isn't listed anywhere that they ignore 15% of the enemy armor.

there are other hidden bonus?

A. CA_Jamie: This isn't a hidden bonus. Their AP damage has been increased relative to the total damage they deal. Their AP damage was increased and their normal damage was decreased. AP damage is a stat that is displayed in all unit's Aggression tab.


Q. wolfiena: Regarding Arminius: Would you consider give morale flanking damage bonus to his ultimate (in history Arminius routed 2 Roman legions in Teutoburg forest) while keeping that bonus activated upon contact? I think the biggest problem with the current Infiltration is that it gets deactivated upon contact rendering the skill quite hard to make any remarkable impact against experienced players.

A. CA_Jamie: We're exploring a variety of options with Arminius, which may or may not include some flanking stuff 


Q. FlareCitizen: Do u have plans for adding Falxmen to other factions? Also Arminius' T10 Perk for Infiltration that increases Morale by 10 is kinda useless since u lose the Morale when Infiltration drops. Any changes planned for that?

A. Josh_CA: There are no plans to add them as a core unit type, no. We do sometimes create premium units of different unit types, so there's potential there, but I don't think there's anything in the immediate pipeline. After reading this question, however, I am thinking about if/how that could work...

Just saw your edit - Jamie has spoken below about Infiltration, so have a look there. I believe the gist is that we are looking at potential reworks or replacements.


Q. WipeoutVasusu: barbarian infantry used to get new ability from their equipment like a second charge, a mini-bash, fearsome presence and inspiring presence?

since they lose almost against any unit in the game and they are completely absents in high tier game (only falxmen are played sometimes) why don't you reintroduce this things?

they where interesting and unique, people could actually build they units according to their stile.

this video show how they used to be on the steam version: https://www.youtube....h?v=G4TxRaSo3xM

A. CA_Jamie: We're definitely on the same page about creating more diverse units, especially in the later tiers.

One of the problems with unit abilities on equipment (in my opinion) was that we would design a unit around having an identity. For example, back in the day Eagle Cohort was going to be the Inspirer, the unit that keeps the rest of your units in the fight by keeping their morale high. They had an aoe morale buff on one of their later pieces of equipment. So we gave these units interesting and diverse roles, and then we hid it behind hours and hours of progression till you get one specific piece of equipment that might not even be on the progression line. For me, if we want to give units diverse identities and unique roles, they need to have access to that as soon as you unlock the unit.

A. WipeoutVasusu: i understand your point, but things like the mini-shield bash or the 2nd charge for infantry wasn't about identity but about getting a new skill in exchange for some stats, you could take a shield with good missle block, defence ecc...or take a different shield that actually reduce your clock change but gave access to an good ability for melee fight

right now the standard sword line for barbarian is really weak, they are weaker in almost everything apart from their speed. (they lose one on one in the forest against heavy infantry...)


Q. PexP: Private Lobbies (Custom battles) - Can you describe how they will look, how many members is needed, against who they are going to play and more important in my opinion question is: People will be able to use only one type of unit like 10 x cavalary, 7 x archers or break balance in game even futher than now ? - Any informations about MAC game version ?

A. Josh_CA: Hey there! So, Private Lobbies. You create the lobby for 5,000 silver and then you can either invite players directly from your friends list, or you can send them a lobby key. You can have up to 10 players in each team (the teams do not have to have the same number of players on each side in order to begin, you can have 1 v 10) You manually pick your team, so you can have 10 cav players vs 10 archer players if you wish, but you can only use units that you have unlocked, and you equip them like you normally would, through the squad panel. You can currently choose the game length and the map that is played on.

There's no news about a mac version of ARENA currently

Q. PexP: can i ask why 5,000 silver and what is difference of tiers in private lobbies ?

A. Josh_CA: The 5,000 silver is to make sure that a play can't only play custom battles forever and remove themselves from the matchmaking pool. It's only the player who creates the lobby who will have to pay this. You select your units like normal, so I believe you can have different tiers

Q. PexP:  Against who you are fighting in Private Lobbies, normal players or other people with private lobbies what you can chalenge ?

A. docjason: I would assume it's who you invite to your lobby

A. CA_Jamie: Bingo

Q. PexP:  And for such battle are you getting normal rewards ?

A. Josh_CA: No, there are no rewards for custom battles. Due to this, there is no end battle screen, but we're looking into the possibility of adding a 'game summary' of some sort.


Q. Teh_Naacal: How will the custom lobbies work? Will it have region locking or is it global?

A. Josh_CA: I believe that custom lobbies are region locked. I've answered above a fair amount of detail about how they'll work and what options you have, so I'll re-paste that. You create the lobby for 5,000 silver and then you can either invite players directly from your friends list, or you can send them a lobby key. You can have up to 10 players in each team (the teams do not have to have the same number of players on each side in order to begin, you can have 1 v 10) You manually pick your team, so you can have 10 cav players vs 10 archer players if you wish, but you can only use units that you have unlocked, and you equip them like you normally would, through the squad panel. You can currently choose the game length and the map that is played on.


Q. DETrooper: I've got another quick question. For the custom battles, will there be bot support?

A. Josh_CA: Not in this inital implementation, but that's something we're considering and looking at the possibility of adding. We'll see how people react to custom battles and what they'd like to see added, and we'll prioritise from there.


Q. wolfiena: Thank you. Can we choose our opponent in Custom battles (Private lobbies), i.e. will a premade 10 vs 10 be possible?

A. Josh_CA: I've spoken a bit about this below, but you can create 1v1s, 5v10s etc, you can make a 10v10 if you wish. You invite friends to the lobby or send a code for people to enter. You can then pick your team.


Q. wolfiena: If I understand it correctly, the Custom battle is region locked. I'd like to clarify my question a bit. I want to have a 10v10 against EU / CIS friends, given that I'm from NA. (we have been enjoying playing NA vs NA parties if we login in the proper time of the day.)

A. Josh_CA: Yes, the way that custom battles have currently been implemented means that other participants need to be the same region as you.


Q. LS_Floh: Hi guys. I have two questions. Well... one question and one issue.

First, the turn speed changes sound great, wondering what the purpose of increasing cavalry unit width is. Won't this make the self collision while charging issue worse?

Second, Greek Cavalry are obviously severely outmatched by all other cav, I find myself focusing on flanking melee units more frequently than being involved in the cav vs cav fights. I think it's fine if Greek Cav are intended to focus more on engaging in combat swords/pikes/spears, but they need some option for dealing with other cav too.


(A good charge against other cav will deal lots of damage, but after that Greeks are dead in the water. running kills you, fighting kills you) < MAIN PROBLEM

Too slow to outrun barbs and too weak to fight them the strong charge doesn't provide any advantage against other cav, for the reason above

Currently there is no option except to wait until all other cav is dead or involved in combat elsewhere. Otherwise you will be chased down by Barbs or forced to run from Romans.

My suggestion would be giving Greek Cav a tool to disengage more effectively. A weaker variation of Anvil?

Or maybe make it like spears where somehow they win combat from the front but not behind? That might not be so reasonable, but just to give an example of what would fix it.

I've just seen a report that greek cav now has anvil is this true?


A. paulss9_CA: Cavalry units can now change their depth/width adjusted as the players sees fit.

The default width has not been changed. We just allow a bit more flexibility on that aspect. Do you wish to get through a tight corridor or maximize width so you can charge as many units as possible at once? Remember that you don't have to adjust width if you don't find it necessary.

Ultimately we want to allow for more skill depth where possible.


Q. Teh_Naacal: Why did you guys apply anvil to cavalry?

A. paulss9_CA: The scenarios in which a player can use Anvil were too restrictive, at the same time Alexander gameplay with cavalry was very one dimensional. You should for example now be able to use Anvil not just offensively but also defensively to disengage after a charge. This is just one example and I'm sure you will find other exciting ways of using the ability with cavalry units.

A. Teh_Naacal: I mean is anvil just going to be like a 30s hamstring or is it going to eventually become a combo ability that allows cavalry to land consistent rear charges if anvil allows units to turn


Q. Teh_Naacal: What is the true state of Greek cava?

A. CA_Jamie: Solid. I don't think they quite fit the definition of liquid, but you could make a good argument that they could truly be classified as Plasma.


Q. SHAUNRAZZ: Can you elaborate on where you want to see pikes fit into the game? Currently they can decimate you even if you charge into their backs. If you don't rout them before they spin you get hit for huge damage as the whole pike does damage and they are very had to pull away from even if flanking. With Cynane they can be the best offensive and defensive unit. This seems to be an oversight. I don't think devs want pikes running down infantry and slamming pikes down on units that can't run away.

A. CA_Jamie: Pikes (and phalanxes in general) is one of the issues on my radar right now. This is the exact question I'm currently asking myself, so I don't actually have a decent answer for you, other than that something will happen at some point.


Q. Teh_Naacal: Will drop pikes be a thing? I'd like pikemen to be able to use charges

A. CA_Jamie: https://www.youtube....h?v=fpaQpyU_QiM


Q. Teh_Naacal: How are pike vs pike engagements originally designed, if at all?

A. WildBill_69: Engaging at an angle pike from a side is best in pike v pike

A. CA_Jamie: You know how sometimes your computer crashes and blue screens? Like that but for pikes.


Q Sullateli: Why Slingers, Archers,Velites, and engineers living too long in melee fights against melee cavalry and why low armored units as that i mentioned early do not suffering devastating consequences from cavalry charges?

A. CA_Jamie: There are a bunch of super low-level issues in the game model that causes issues with larger entities attacking smaller entities. This has resulted in making the problem difficult to pin down. We're slowly picking these areas apart, but we've been very cautious with any changes we make, as they're so deep that even a small change can butterfly effect and cause issues with the entire battle. We've made some fixes but we're still working on it.


Q. SHAUNRAZZ: Do you feel barrage at tier X and defiance at tier X with cav are a bit too strong or are they where you guys feel they should be. Barrage seems to be a bit too much damage for such an easy ability to use, while defiance used with cav goes against the strategy of running away and letting abilities time out, such as vengeance and oath. Defiance with cav doesn't slow down the way Oath does so you can't really

A. paulss9_CA: Barrage needs a review and it will have one in the future. Defiance can be applied on top of Mount Kick and that is an unintended behavior. We are fixing this exploit in this patch and we'll keep monitoring Defiance and particularly feedback on its power levels.


Q. McPico: what you going to do to the problem that ranged can kite nearly every other type of infantry?

A. Akriom: Infantry's role is not to chase archers (unless you can pincer them by having a unit go around them unnoticed - and it's always a great moment when you manage this!), this is more suited to cavalry units. So either take a cav unit instead of a third infantry unit or ask your cav team mate to go get those pesky archers.

Alternatively if you play Germanicus, Leonidas or some specific infantry units you can protect yourself from arrows coming from in front of you while another player using archers or slingers can kill them while they're trying to get through your shields.

I hope this helps!


Q. dobik: 3 things: 1. Units formation. 2. Range unit limited missiles. 3. Archers/slingers ability to shoot from forest. (Is ok if they can shoot but with a far more bigger penalty or just able to do so from the very edge of forest). Will you ever implement this?

A. CA_Jamie: I don't know what you mean by the first one.

It's unlikely we'll ever limit the missiles range units can fire.

They can shoot from the forest right now, so I'm not sure what you're asking.


Q. MikeRotchburn: Light Artillery has been bugged for almost a year now. They have had continuous issues where they would permanently stop shooting for the rest of the match. This started around March of 2017.

Is there any fix in the works for this class as well as buffs to make up for its low DPS, low mobility, limited firing arc, and low hp pool for how close they need to be compared to normal arty crews?

A. paulss9_CA: The artillery system in Arena is very complicated and because of it, we decided to take it slow and try to improve light artillery at a steady rate, rather then overhaul them.

They had numerous bugs on them which we've solved already, but there are still some more which we have to fix. We're also considering other neat stuff to add to light artillery, the ideas revolve around making it a more supportive unit, but work is going slow, there are many many other things to get done first.


Q. Shirokaya: Are there plans for a javelin Commander?

A. CA_Jamie: Have you tried Sulla with javelins? Between whip and dash it's a really effective combo.

Q. Shirokaya: Yep! I mained Caesar until he came out. Whip is great, I'm getting a lot of good kiting and dodging archers really well. Still, I guess there are no plan for a javelin specific Commander? 

A. CA_Jamie: We're more focused on filling other niches right now, like making Barbarian archers actually viable with a new commander. Javelins are in a pretty decent state, so it's unlikely that a new Javelin commander will come out before other more neglected areas 


Q. yamanato: Thanks for the AMA. I have 1 question Are you going to put a UI size slider in options, or any option to make the UI smaller. The way it is right now, it takes too much space and as you get to know the game more you dont need that much UI.

A. Josh_CA: UI scaling is going to be looked at, especially for 4K monitors. We're not entirely sure how that will work yet, but a size slider is one of the possibilities on the table. It's not a priority, but we're aware of it and it’s in the list of things to do


Q. DefinetlyTheTess: Any plans on adding color options for interface so players can customize it?

A. CA_Jamie: We've got plans to at least at colour blind options. As for customisable colours, I'm not sure, but we may revisit that in future.


Q. Sullateli: Do you guys planning to upgrade Replay and Watch modes? Kinda rewind back, or better menu to choose what battle i want to watch(tier level battle and other stuff)?

A. Josh_CA: Unfortunatley rewind isn't somthing that'll likely be possible, as the replay system in ARENA is very similar to the one in the other Total WAr games, and the way that the replay works means that a rewind would be incredibly difficult to implement. If we have a breakthrough some time in the future, then absolutely, but I wouldn't count on it unfortunately.

The UI for replays is something we've looked at a bit in 2.4, making finding them more obvious, but we're absolutely on the lookout for ways to improve the UI for that menu. It wouldn't be a big priority for the UI guys, but it'll be on the 'to improve' list


Q. Sullateli: When you make numbers(key binding symbols) on players units in the battlefield. Because it`s very needed.

A. Josh_CA: This is something we've discussed recently actually. We're looking at how the UI could accommodate this without losing other functionality or being too cluttered. Like UI scaling, it's on the list of UI improvements we'd like to look into.


Q. Teh_Naacal: Is there going to be an option to customize UI elements like transparency or skinning the UI entirely? On streams it is possible to create transparency overlays on some elements but unfortunately some break

A. Josh_CA: We've got UI customisation stuff in the pipeline (I've mentioned some stuff in my other replies). You can bind a key in the hotkeys to hide the UI entirely, but I'm not sure if there are currently any plans for changing the UI transparency. I'll pass that feedback onto the UI team


Q. KingJofrethe001: The decision to narrow the faction army trees has long been treated with contempt because of how the decision made more varied gameplay choices difficult to find. However, what are your thoughts on unit equipment and unit ability diversification going forward?

Introducing a more varied selection of equipment that provides a small, but impactful, specialization of a given unit type could provide a wealth a gameplay variability for units that feel somewhat flat as of today. Of course, unit specializations need to avoid infringing on other units purposes, but it’s all stats at the end of the day.

In that same vein as #1, what are your thoughts of introducing a similar system for unit abilities that exists for consumables? While the unique unit ability patch did provide some added depth, it very quickly made certain tiers better than others because of how certain skills were locked. One possible solution is to allow players to select from a list of unit abilities that pertain to a given unit type during loadout. These abilities could be limited in scope at lower tiers or just weakened in stats and they could grow more varied or stronger as you tier up? I use the consumables tab as a UI example, but I don’t believe that you should be charged for them.

A. Josh_CA: In 2.4 there is a pass over unit equipment with the aim of increasing worthwhile choices and options. Allowing you to 'specialise' your unit and make real choices about equipment and how they affect your stats. So yes, we're looking at it, we're trying something in 2.4 and we look forward to seeing what you guys think about it.

There has been a fair amount of discussion about a system like this. I think the majority of us would love to have a system like that, but it would require a LOT of back end work, balancing and performance optimisation on our end. That doesn't mean we're not going to do it, but it means that it's not something we're considering starting work on now.

 Q. KingJofrethe001: I’m glad that equipment diversification is in the works. What about the 2nd question about unit skills? Has there been any discussion about opening that to player choice?

A. Josh_CA: Sorry, to clarify. My second paragraph was referring to the unit skills system you suggested.


Q. Sullateli: Will you add or rebalance unit abilities? In near future?

A. CA_Jamie: We're constantly adding or rebalancing unit abilities. Are there specific abilities you're asking about?

A. paulss9_CA: We're regularly reviewing abilities. One quick example would be phalanx reposition which is being touched in this specific patch as well as Mount Kick. You provide us with solid feedback and that is helpful.


Q. WipeoutVasusu: In the steam version units could get unique bonus like: bonus damage vs cav, bonus damage vs spear, bonus defense vs swordsmen ecc...

right now the only bonus that remained is the one from the spear against cav.

why do you removed them? do you plan to reintroduce them?

A. CA_Jamie: We've tried to move to a more mechanics based rock paper scissors. For example Falxmen have an attribute where they ignore shields entirely, and therefore become better at killing high armour targets than their sword counterparts. They'll come back as needed to fill in the gaps where mechanics fail to do the job though.

A. paulss9_CA: The problem in steam with some of these bonuses, was that they were simply too many and it was not very easy and quick to understand what was going one with all of them. It was unnecessary complexity which was also making balance hard to maintain, because of all the intricate rules to be computed.

Do we plan to reintroduce them? Not really, but we will be using this feature wherever we consider it to be a must have.


Q. TheTobruk: What do you think about the proposal that morale should be tied to combat performance? Right now there is no difference between 1 morale or 100 morale as long as the unit does not rout. Is it feasable to implement a system that slightly decreases combat performance proportionally to the morale damage inflicted?

A. CA_Jamie: I saw this post on the forums the other day. I've not had much time to think on it though. Either way, for quite a while we've wanted to try and think of a way for the bits between 1 and 100 to actually be relevant or mean anything. So we're on the same page there of wanting* something*.

My knee-jerk reaction to the idea was the worry that it'll make units that are already losing combat lose even faster, giving allies, or even the player themselves, less time and options to actually help with the situation. However perhaps that's a good thing, combat becomes more decisive in overwhelming circumstances. At the same time, a few patches back we slowed down how fast morale drops specifically to give players and allies more time to react and help, so doing this would go against that direction... as you can see this needs much more thought before I'd be happy giving a 'i like it' or a 'pls no'.

When it comes to the morale system we always have to be really careful. A change like this would mean an entire rebalance of the morale system, which will take a long time and massively change up the meta. So while 'feasable' in the broadest sense of the word, making a change like this requires a lot of thought, a bit of programming, and weeks and weeks of balance and playtesting.

Q. DennisDK: so make morale drop even slower but tied to performance

A. CA_Jamie: That then has the effect of morale being less important, routs less likely, and combat less decisive (vs not slowing morale drop but tying it to performance). This seems to be making a change to make combat decisive and morale more important, and then to make it work we make combat less decisive and morale less important, which starts to defeat the purpose.

I don't think there's going a be a 'condensible into a single sentence' solution. But at the highest level the idea does have promise!


Q. Sullateli: Are you planning to add more splitted trees to high tier trees, that already exists. Like Roman Cavalry split to other cavalry tree from tier 8 to 10 as medium Cavalry. Or maybe make one more barb tree from tier 8 to 10 but heavy or medium and other things like that?

A. CA_Jamie: Maybe, we're currently working on bigger fish than smaller additions like these


Q. Evolwave: Why All Rome Soldiers don`t have Skill "Turtle" ? and why only Germanik have that skill ??

P.S. After Connection Lost why can`t rejoin battle?

A. Josh_CA: I'm not one of the designers, but I believe it's because the intention is to make the commanders feel and play uniquely. Germanicus represented the classic 'honourable soldier' of Rome, due to this he has the classic Testeudo formation, as he was primarily and infantryman, and would have drilled his men into these formations perfectly. That doesn't mean that other Romans commanders didn't sue this, because they did, but it fits Germanicus' character as an ability more than the others. I'd personally love to see a less powerful version of this ability for other Roman troops, but adding an ability like that would change the meta and balance considerably and shouldn't just be thrown in.

We are looking into a system that allows you to rejoin a battle, but we can't promise anything at this point.


Q. DETrooper: Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA! I've got 4 questions, pertaining mostly to the polish of the game.

1). I've noticed that for some Roman units, there will be equipment that doesn't look like the icon it is represented by. Are there any plans for a polish pass to rectify this before the OBT? I can't speak for Greece or the Barbarians since I don't play them but they seem mostly accurate. Here's an image to illustrate what I'm talking about: https://i.imgur.com/CuXoxIT.png

2). Additionally, some Roman units have weird clipping going on with their variantmeshes (assuming Arena still uses those, but it looks like it does), such as with Equites (VI) and Legionary Cavalry (VII) having their tunics stick out from their chainmail. I believe this is because the armor on the unit is changed when upgraded, but the underlying tunic is not updated to reflect the space now covered by the armor. Will this be fixed before the OBT? Examples: https://imgur.com/a/yAlCA

3). Are there any plans to add unique audio cues to units when selected? It seems odd to me that half of Rome's roster yells "Swordsmen!" when selected. It'd be nice for most units to have unique lines, so that for example Hastati will yell "Hastati" and Armoured Legionaries will yell "Armoured Legionaries!" when selected, like in Rome II. I don't really expect this for units that weren't in Rome II or Attila like Accensi since it would require voice work to be done, but it'd be a nice feature to increase immersion for those that were.

4). This is minor, but were the voice clips compressed at some point during the OBT? I think I've noticed a drop in audio quality from commanders speaking but I'm not entirely sure and it might be my brain making stuff up. This is more of a question for my own sanity since it's driving me mad.


A. Josh_CA: Yep, we've noticed this too and in 2.4 a whole bunch of icons have been changed to better represent their 3D counterparts

Yep, both of those have been addressed in 2.4 (as well as Republican Skirmishers)

That's not something I've seen in the plans, but it's a really interesting idea and I'll bring it up.

I'm not entirely sure on this one, I'll pass the feedback on to the audio team.


Q. zolacat999: Really been enjoying the game for a couple of months now but my questions would be: 'How do you intend to keep the game interesting & maintain high player numbers going forwards over the next few years? ie. How do you plan to get the game to have longevity such a world of tanks rather than struggle for player numbers shortly after release like world of warplanes? '

A. CA_Jamie: In short, by making a fun game that people want to play


Q. PrinceofAntioch: Will there be any kind of urban fighting ever added to Arena, be it walled city or unfortified settlement?

A. Josh_CA: So seiges are something we would love to do, our only concern about that mode is making sure we do it right. We're focused right now on the core game mode as we work on balance, content and polish, but there have been prototypes for modes like this, and when we find one that emulates the same epic scale and feel of the current mode, we'll start working on it fully. We're always looking and trying out new stuff trying to find another rough diamond that we can polish.

A. CA_Jamie: When it comes to new maps, never say never. If we can get pathfinding to work reliably inside towns and cities, then I don't see why not.


Q. Awood2009: So in regards to your thread, the following questions are in regards to potential future updates:

Do you have plans on making other game modes in the near future?

What factions do you plan on adding?

In regards to the second question, What units do you plan on adding to the game?

Do you think it's possible that we get maps that are more Siege oriented like Assault and Defend where Artillery could see more gameplay?

A. CA_Dave: It's not number one on the priority list right now, we're still refining everything we can around the current mode. That's not to say we haven't experimented with a few things, but none have come to fruition yet. It's a very time-consuming route to generate a new game-mode, which may not always reap reward, so we have to be careful driving the team's focus towards something when there are many other areas of the game that require work.

I really wish I could tell you! There's so much exciting stuff. What I can say is: We're not done with the Classic period yet. There are many significant players in the theater, and they deserve a spot in the sunshine...

There's a bunch we've been working on, again, it's difficult for me to be specific here without major spoilers. When you think about the time period, there are a few big units that we haven't hit yet, and they're definitely on the cards.

This I think was mostly answered by Q1. We're up for experimenting with game modes, absolutely, but it's not a primary focus right now. Some really cool map variations are being developed however, they might not explicitly be "assault/defend" but they might help scratch that itch for variety.


Q. Torgrimmer: Thank you for taking our questions today. My question i have for the team today is: Do you plan down the pipeline adding any of the Asian Empires of this time period to the game?

A. Josh_CA: We've got a long list of factions that we'd love to add to the game, and this is largely community-driven. We've already spoken about adding Japan, so we're definitely open to exploring more of the world than what is currently in game.


Q. MrJoaoPT: Are you guys going to add some premium unit called, "the lusitani"?

A. Josh_CA: We want to cover a whole range of unique and interesting peoples, so it's a definite possibility


Q. __Requiem__: Are there plans to expand AI battles beyond Tier 4 in the future?

A. Josh_CA: We are actually currently working on improving the AI. We were focused on getting them working effectively on the first four tiers for educational purposes, and there are still some fixes, improvements and tweaks we want to make there. We also know that they'd be really cool to introduce to custom battles and possibly expand the PvE tier rnage, but we're looking at how much time etc it would take to fully flesh out the AI and possibly taking it from there.


Q. Nodosa1: Will Palatina or any other Roman units get pants soon? A strange question but i do love my pants.

A. CA_Jamie: If you can find me some historical references of roman palace guards wearing pants, I'll make an argument for it! It gets pretty chilly in the alps

A. ArchieBunker74: http://www.romanarmy...ldweather.shtml


Q. PexP: Paul E. (Balance Designer) As balance designer you are propably best informed about game mechanisms and about them i would like you to ask these questions:

Are there random elements during fights ? If yes can you please example at last one

If there are some issues in balance in game what do not let you sleep calm?

How long usualy take from report issue with balance to fixing it, how the repair procedure works

Is there a way how people need report issues to increase the chances of their them in next update?

Most OP Build in game ?

Is there skills in game what you would to "balance" with pleasure? (Wedge please)

Sometimes happen in middle of fight that player known that he will lose battle due to too many units of one type even if left in game still 1000 units is there someting what developers can do to create more balanced game in such situations

Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

A. paulss9_CA: Yes, there are some elements which have a roll applied on them. One example of the top of my head is the dmg vs armour. You always roll dmg vs a 90% to 100% armour roll.

Generally speaking you can relatively determine the outcome of a battle though. If for example you clearly have way more Melee attack then the enemies Defence, you will clearly have more successful hits then the enemy.

The biggest difficulty when it comes to balance is keeping track of all dependencies and influences. The game is rapidly evolving and improving on multiple level, all of them have an impact on balance. You would not believe how many things can impact the balance and how.

How to report issues? Debate the issue on the forums in an adult manner, and I will see it. A really good example is a recent commander ability power discussion on the NA forums.


Q. PexP: Jamie G. (Battle Designer) As Battle designer you are propably best informed about in game fractions and units and about them i would like you to ask these questions: 1. What new fraction is going to be ? ;D 2. Shoting cavalary is going to back to game? 3. Do you think that artillery fulfills its task in the game? 4. Do you think that Archers fulfills its task in the game? 5. Is there some new type of units what is at testing phase what communiy is asking from long time? 6. Are there any plans of returning "Weight system" to game? 7. "Premium units" are always weaker than Normal even with many combinations of skills? 8. Weather system is still in plans or more at testing phase? 9. Battles against AI are very popular at lov tiers to stage where people are having issues with searching battles against normal players are there any plans related to this problem? 10. Don't you think sometimes that Archers and cavalary are creating bad balance in game? For example 3 or 4 players with that type of units in game are creating often builds what are OP? 11. Players to "fast" caping base are still issue in game can you say if players can have hope to fix this issue in future, if yes can you say how you planing to do this ? 12. You propably expected to hear these questions, so can you say someting about: 13. New game modes? 14. Would you rather fight against 4 AI or 3 game veterans? 15. What in your opinion is best player from developers and what worst?

A. CA_Jamie: I'll leave this one to Josh

If we can make missile cavalry fit properly into the game and have a good faction for it to belong to, it might well do. But I can't say for sure.

It does to an extent, but I'm still not happy with artillery.

I think there are some issues with archers, but they fulfill their role fairly well. They're certainly not as badly-off as artillery.

The community has asked for so many unit types it's almost impossible to add any new unit types without the answer to this question being yes.  As to what phase a new unit type may or may not be in, that's something better left to proper patch notes.

Not as it was. If it does come back it will be very different

This seems more a statement than a question, so I'm not sure how to respond. They are currently weaker yes. We're constantly re-evaluating the role of premium units and how they should be built, given their importance.

That depends on what you mean by weather system. In terms of actualy gameplay effects, we don't have any plans for weather. In terms of aesthetically varied maps (like Alps and Alps winter), Leif is a better fellow to ask than me.

This was always going to be an issue, and is why we're hesitant to add new game modes. There isn't really a way to fix it without simply having more players.

Sometimes yes, but this can be said of most unit types.

It's constantly on the radar, but I'm afraid there aren't any silver bullet fixes, only ideas and concepts.


Sort of answered this above. I'm hesitant to add new game modes as it splits the matchmaking queues. Once we have a lot more players I'd be much happier to introduce more game mode.

AI, the vets are pretty good.

I am the best (obviously). The worst are the people who are not me.

A. Josh_CA: Thanks Jamie. We haven't announced who the next faction is going to be. We've spoken a bit about Japan, but they're not going to be the next faction, or the one after that, and possibly not even the one after that. We've got a good amount of exciting content coming, and we're hoping to roll it out pretty consistently. So keep an eye out 

Jamie is wrong, Joshingetorix rules.


Q. PexP: Dave P. (Lead Content Designer), Writing this long list of questions I left you at the end since for player your answers are most important since they are related to the future of the game

1.How big is patch 2.4 (GB) and if threre someting what you can share with us about it ? 2.When Total War arena is going to move to Open Beta 3.When we can expect to unlock party for 10 players 4.How many fractions are atm in "work in progress" 5."Rewards" for playing can you say someting about them, you propably best known what i mean since this topic was touched by community many times. 6.How many new units are at "Work in progress" 7.Total war arena is going back to steam? 8.How many players are in game after for example update? 9.Often informations for community are quite limited and people at each region are getting impatient and feel ignored by developers or publishers can we exept increase news from the stage or more important for you as developers is our reaction for update 10.Can we in future exept changes in prices of gold ? (Adapt to the regions ) 11.Can you say someting about tier difference in game and players what are gathering experience to fast so in short among of time they are unbalancing game? 12.With time are getting louder and louder issues with: 12,1 Language at ingame chat / game servers per region 12,2 To big difference in game tiers / to fast players unlocking another tiers 12,3 Game chat 12,4 Lack of disconnect option in game 12,5"End game"

Can you say someting about them ?

A.CA_Dave: I can't give you the precise size, but as a tidbit, we've improved some underlying systems. You won't see it in 2.4, but in patches to come, we should see some awesome background improvements, like very detailed logs of unit changes.

Soon. Oh so soon.

Custom battles will let you play 10vs10 among friends for now! Ultimately we want to develop an end-game that surrounds competitive 10vs10, but that is still a way off.

Hmm. Depends how you define WIP... 3ish?

I don't fully understand this question, sorry, but if it's about battle rewards, it's actually better answered by Jamie.

I don't think I can count easily. Lots. Enough to fill around 3ish factions, and some.

This is not in the plans right now.

We see a decent spike in players after patches, but I'm not allowed to talk about specific numbers.

It's definitely better when we can be open and communicate frequently. The honest answer is that over the past year, the team has been incredibly busy. We are always reading the forums, and listening to feedback, but unless the time is planned out (like now), it can be very difficult to keep in touch. Hopefully when we're in open beta, and beyond, we'll be able to chat more often! 

I don't know of any plans to change things right now.

We're always monitoring player progression, and will be continually updating and maintaining the balance, to make sure it's as fair and fun as possible.


Q. PexP: Leif B. (Lead Map Designers). 1.How long usualy take to create one map 2.Are you modeling on real battlefields or real maps are only inspiring you ? 3.Often you need change how map look because QA team dislike someting? 4.Its different to create map to other total war games compared to TwA ? 5.How many maps you have in sleeve ? 6.Current maps in game are balanced are you planing to create map where one fractions will have advange in game ? 7.Is there someting what you wish to share about new map what is coming to game? Is this map different than Alpis graia? 8.Is there any plans at reworking current maps (Not long ago Grom metioned that you can in future change few of them depends from community feedback)

A. CA_Leif: Hello! 1. It can often vary based on certain factors, such as if a lot of new art assets are needed, or if an aspect of the design is not really working how we expected and we need to spend more time testing and iterating it. It can also be difficult to quantify as we don't work on a single map from start to finish in one go; we switch between multiple maps at different stages of development and also switch control of a map between design and art. Taking all of this into account, the general expected time is roughly 12 weeks. 2. A bit of both. Historical battles are definitely an inspiration for many maps, but so are locations that are of historical importance but not necessarily the location of a major battle (e.g. Rubicon). The thing with a lot of historical battles is that they were fought on relatively open fields, and that doesn't quite translate into the style of map that works with TWA's gameplay. In these instances we might look for a more geographically interesting battlefield, or we will use the battle as inspiration but ultimately fit the map to the games needs. 3. We do regular playtests of maps at stages throughout their development. While observing and understanding how the map plays with real people is an important part of this, QA are an equally important part of these playtests, and will offer valuable feedback at the end of each session that is taken into account with the next iteration of the map. 4. In many ways it is different, yes, but some fundamental/technical aspects are the same as well due to being built from different versions of the existing tools and game engine. From a design perspective there are many considerations to apply based on the core gameplay, which obviously is different from other TW titles. 5. Well, the newest map to be revealed is Passage of Augustus! We will have another new map to reveal very soon. After that we have about five maps being worked on that are at different stages of development. Some of those are at early prototype stages, and might end up getting shelved to be worked on again later or scrapped entirely if we are not happy with it's direction etc.

6. Ultimately the goal is to ensure that each map feels good to play on regardless of what faction and units you pick. With some of the more complex maps it can be the case that it encourages the player to think a little differently, and perhaps bring you out of your comfort zone with how you usually play with a certain faction/unit. This hopefully translates into you becoming a better player able to handle more difficult situations in battle. 7. Passage of Augustus is very different to Alpis Graia! Though in similar locations both being within the Alps, they look and feel quite different and unique from each other. The most noticeable thing (other than visually of course) is the position of the bases and deployment points. PoA has the two bases very close to each other, and is trying something a bit different in this regard to give an additional variety to the gameplay style of the map compared with others. I hope you like it! 8. In 2.4 a number of existing maps have had visual updates and some minor design tweaks as well. In the past we have made updates to maps based on community feedback and my own observations of battles played on them. Being a live project, if we or the community at large feels a significant reworking is needed, then it will likely happen as we want the game to be the best it can!


Q. PexP: Akriom (European Community) -Can you describe what your day looks like? -You are responsible for only Total War arena or any other wargaming games? -Sometimes happens that you aren't at forum what you are doing then? -How often you are writing to other regions? or to developers -You showed at forum that you are writing "reports" and sednding them to CA how often you do that? -How to become Preatorian in Europe ? And who is "Preatorian" -Other regions have they volunteers from community what have admin rights at forum in future can we exept someting like that ?

Sasha(Asia Pacific Community) -You are responsible for only Total War arena or any other wargaming games? -What nationality is biggest in your region? -Is the characteristics of your region is different from others? -in what timezome you are now? -What you think about Samuraj fraction what can come someday how your community will react? -How popular is total war arena in Asia? -Is due to the location of the servers you often find at your forum players not from asia ?

A. Sasha_jp: Hello there! Thank you for the question.

At the moment, I am almost completely dedicated to TWA, although I do help out my team on some of our other titles on the side. The Asia region is very diverse - from infrastructure to gaming platform of choice, every country has a contrasted profile. For example, in Japan, I almost want to say that mobile games are a default, and all other platforms come second.

I am currently in the Tokyo office (UTC+9). I haven't noticed too many players who seem to be from other regions on the Asia forums, but you're peaking my curiosity...

For the Japanese faction, I am waiting to see what direction the devs will take it with a lot of anticipation. I grew up on movies on the sengoku jidai, still as much as the "medieval" samurai would be a fun addition, I would actually love to see units from earlier times, like the Asuka and Nara periods!

A. Akriom: Hey there PexP, thanks for this awesome question!

So my day to day is different based on what's happening on our Social Media channels, forums and what is planned by the other teams working on total War: ARENA.

I use to do a bit of work for World of Warplanes but I'm moving to being fully dedicated to Total War: ARENA.

Part of my responsibilities are to:

  • Talk to the community (Forums/Social Media/Reddit/Discord),
  • Read the Forums/Social Media channels/Reddit/Discord
  • Report all feedback and suggestions to the devs (At minimum I do one report per week but I also do ad hoc reports on other days),
  • Talk with our influencers/content creators/Praetorians,
  • Making announcements,
  • Plan videos, Livestreams and Social Media posts (includes getting the artwork ready and making the posts and Videos/Livestream),
  • Create our European Community strategy,
  • Talking to all other teams involved with the game (includes: Devs, moderators, marketing, artists, Customer Support, etc.),
  • Playing the game to stay in touch with how you guys live the game but also to know it as best as possible
  • And a few other internal things

Regarding my communication with devs and especially other regions, it's done as often as I feel I need.

Praetorians are basically a group of supertesters that CA created before Wargaming was in charge of the publishing. They are still the same supertesters giving very structured feedback and interacting with some devs and having very constructive conversations with us Community Managers and with some devs.

To be a Praetorian? There's a lot of things taken into consideration and it also changes from region to region at the moment. We're looking into having a more global approach and so I can't really answer this question right now as it may change.

Our forums are administrated by us the Community Managers and we already have a full Moderation team.

Q. PexP: Total War aren have influencers/content creators? How to become one of them?

A. Akriom: If you have a channel (YouTube, Twitch, or anything else, please do let me know via PM on the forums or on Discord and I'm happy to look into it!



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