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Some change suggestions. Oath of perseverance and other abilities.

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Vipus_2017 #1 Posted 18 December 2017 - 02:07 AM


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1. changes to Oath of Perseverance. 

        Oath is a great ability but there are some minor issues with it. obviously people have mentioned the afk issue. Beyond that I have noticed that the unit will follow the attack command until the opposing unit is dead. At which point the unit has no orders so unless the individual is directly engaged in battle with another individual the unit will sit there stuck in the oath but not actually doing anything. 

        There are two changes that I though could work. One is oath is active until current attack command is finished or unit is disengaged (which ever comes first) then it deactivates. The other is unit goes into pure aggression and switches attack target until unit is disengaged or dies. 


2. overwhelming strength of some ablities. 

          abilities like phalanx, testudo are good abilities, the issue I have with them is its toggle speed. units can toggle off turn and toggle phalanx on so quickly its very hard to flank someone that is paying attention. Maybe a 1-2 second set up time on spear units and 3-5 second set up for pikemen (or longer if needed). As for testudo it deactivates so quickly upon melee activity that the -70% melee defense doesn't really have a place there. Maybe a few seconds for the unit to get their shields to come back into place would be more realistic making people pay attention to when they need to deactivate the ability to accept on coming units. 

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