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Pit Bulls and the Wardog

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Zusheqiel #1 Posted 06 December 2017 - 08:29 PM


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There's been often a misconception with mostly Americans on pit bulls, or really any dog that looks roughly similar, that they are mean tough dogs that will attack anyone (which is not true by a long shot). Now from very very brief research, while pit bulls have indeed been used in military conflicts along with other types dogs (usually its preferred not to use pit bulls), I haven't found much of any evidence as to show they were used with famous barbarian leaders. I could be mistaken as to what dogs total war used as you don't exactly get a good look at them. They roughly look a lot like pit bulls though. Now I'm not trying to call out anyone or anything, this is more out of curiosity as well as to clear up something.


First off, can I get a confirmation as to what dog is indeed used in total war and maybe some background or history of which they are pulled from? I'm really really hoping they didn't just pick pit bulls simply from riding the band wagon, or that I'm wrong as to what dog they used. Also, I enjoy a good history lesson.


Second regarding the Pit Bull itself, and this goes the same for Cain Corsos, Boxer, Blood Hounds, rottweilers, dobermans or any dog in general, no dog is automatically dangerous just because they're of a certain breed. A dog becomes aggressive due to the trainer or environment. It's ok to be cautious of any dog of unknown origin, but don't automatically assume the worst. Most of the time pit bulls just want to play.


I don't want them to go out of their way to change anything, this post more out of curiosity of the War Dog unit. If they did hop on the dangerous pit bull band wagon then I hope we can at least clear up the initial misconception, and grow a new appreciation for these awesome dogs (this goes for anyone).


Pit bulls make for decent pets, and family dogs, but like any dog the training matters.




I really want to make clear that I'm not trying to hate on anything about total war or the wardog unit. The Wardog unit is the main class I play, I love the class. If there did exist a misconception with anyone, if pitbulls are potentially the wardog in this game, and them being an aggressive in real life, I wanted to have a discussion to clear up that misconception. They really are awesome dogs. All dogs are.


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Ardez #2 Posted 06 December 2017 - 08:37 PM


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In short, the dogs trained by ancient romans were closer to Mastiffs than Pitbulls. I don't think we will be likely to see too much evidence of breeds of 'barbarian' wardogs.

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