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Closed Beta Report Summary: 12.04.17

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dance210 #1 Posted 05 December 2017 - 04:09 PM

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Below is the summary for our weekly Community Report! As always, this is the cliff note version of the full report, so if y'all have any questions, please ask. This report focuses on new bug reports as well as feedback from the community. This report should not be taken to mean that all the feedback will be used, only that it has been passed on.


Key Items

  • Players are flagged as AFK, even though the are actively playing. This occurs with some Commander abilities or when capping the base.
  • Review friendly fire mechanic and punishments.
  • Adjust some chat functions: 
    • Allow party members to communicate while in a match.
    • Open up a separate chat for PMs.
  • Explain what makes up the point categories and how points are awarded for the scoreboard. Include kills in addition to points.
  • Review matchmaking balance, to prevent lopsided tier distribution.
  • Continue to review Commander, ability and unit balance. Specific items that should be reviewed include, but are not limited to: Barrage, Defiance, pike phalanxes.



  • When the match ends, the screen goes black and unresponsive. Closing the client with Alt+F4 and/or task manager is often difficult.
  • When watching a replay, the replay is cut short a few minutes in, even if the battle lasted longer (e.g. replay lasts 3 min, battle lasted 6 min).
  • Some players are unable to see deployed stakes, even though the stakes killed their units.
  • After using certain abilities (e.g. Formed Combat, Testudo), the unit reverts back to the default width instead of the last width used.
  • When player uses Break Ranks to attack enemy with few soldiers left, only ¾ of the player’s unit will actually attack the enemy; the remaining soldiers stand idle.
  • Player is unable to upgrade equipment and units, because the button is greyed out, even though the player has enough unit experience to upgrade.
  • Player encounters an issue where bonuses are not applied after the battle ends (e.g. victory bonus).
  • Error “Arbitration Failed” during matchmaking. After the error, the commander is locked; however the player was unable to enter the battle.
  • Error “Matchmaking Failed” when in queue for a battle. Commander is locked even though the player was unable to enter the battle.
  • Player receives “bad_module_info cannot open” error when loading into the Tutorial, while using Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
  • Game Center Launcher doesn’t work; all buttons are unresponsive. Launcher must be closed via the Task Manager.
  • While capping the base, enemy pike unit (using Shield Protection) went invisible, even when the unit was within the view range
  • When using Barrage, not all units fired, even if all were selected. Only one unit had the Barrage rate of fire activated.

Cool_Hammer #2 Posted 05 December 2017 - 06:28 PM


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When we are playing in a party with other players, can we have more information when the players ready up? For example, show us the tiers/units picked. That should allow us to have a better party experience.


Can we also have a timer when the cap is happening?


Here is a bug that happened to me thrice already: I was in the matchmaking queue with my party and when my teammates got into the battle, they asked me why I was AFK. I was surprised as I was still in the queue waiting to enter the battle. No loading screen, nothing, just the normal queue. My party teammates told me that my units were not moving and couldn't be controlled as I was just AFK, not disconnected.

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