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Suggestion list to improve gameplay.

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Bebote82 #1 Posted 27 November 2017 - 03:24 AM


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Well after long time not playing the game, i start playing it again so you should do this (or at least think about this):


1) Archers: with cynane they are op and without cynane they became useless they fire very slow. Suggestion: archers shot more fast 1shot per second but they do far less damage. Cynane should be an hibrid comander (archers horse, taking away the barriage for other hability)

2) Friendly fire, it exist in low med and higher levels with all the weapons so after thinking about this you need to disable it, maybe it will be less realistic but people will complain less, believe me is really frustrating to wach your unit wipped out by friendly fire shoots (resulting in a friend uninstalling the game)

3)hoplites, they re very weak the way they work,change spear wall for a higher defense hability (shield wall?) and rise their atack values.( i find spkie formation more usefull with pikes due to the higher range of the weapon)

4) A samurai faction we need them trust me.

5) experience conversor for units. so when a unit is fully upgrade make them to produce more general exp or let us convert them with silver, or give us a little daily gold, 10 or five for the first victory




pd: Hoplites hability together we stand: the unit move 25 percent less but gain 25 percent more armour, it will let them do better the tank roll they need to be instead or being static and camping in important zones, spear wall in them is useless because most people ignore them or outmanouver them and in normal formation they make low damage (they hurt cavalry)

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