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CA supporter, every game since Shogun

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traumadisaster #1 Posted 25 November 2017 - 03:28 PM


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I have always loved your games since the beginning and have loved this game the last month I've been playing in beta, I want to give you more money for your work, I'll buy your next Rome expansion coming too.  But, I'm worried I will not be able to keep up with this game because of the slow grind.  I want to buy it give you $60-100 but I want to progress faster than current levels.  


Maybe I'm not your market since I can't play 12 hours per day, I might be able to play an hour or 3 each day or every other day.  In that time frame I want to experience the awesome units and equipment upgrades, but at that pace I will not ever progress.  I like the more traditional pace of a boxed retail game, not this drip feed of years to play a game.  So my dilemma is I won't be able to buy a founders pack because I know I don't have the hours to put into it, but I want to support you so I'm not sure how to help you, am I just not to participate in this particular game?


I had the unusual circumstance of having the family gone the last couple of weekends and I have played all day, maybe 100 hours or so this month and there is no way this works for me.  I haven't done any chores or played any other games and it still seems too long to progress even playing at unhealthy levels.  I have had the 200% days, and premium for most of the time, and 30% diversity, and sometimes the 10% with friends.  


I want CA to be successful so maybe there is a lot of younger kids playing like this and paying, but I don't know how I pay you because I can't justify paying for such a poor sense of accomplishment due to the slow pace.  I'm not sure what your goal of earning is per customer, is it $60-100?  I'd pay that but I want to progress through the content in 60-100 hours getting some fun every hour or 2 by unlocking something.  I don't know you tell me what you want us to do, thanks.  btw I love all of your games!

StrykerNC #2 Posted 26 November 2017 - 04:33 PM


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Two things, 1) The economy may change with open release. I play 4 Wargaming titles, and they all have gone through economy adjustments.


And, 2) Maybe you should adjust your expectations?  Not trying to be snarky, but in the FTP MMO world, there is very little end-game content like retail box games have.  If just daily play (grinding) doesn't do it for you without being able to unlock a new feature, maybe you should reexamine what you want out of this game.

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Mrlayhe #3 Posted 29 November 2017 - 07:00 PM


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CA isn't here ...

Ardez #4 Posted 29 November 2017 - 08:21 PM


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View PostMrlayhe, on 29 November 2017 - 02:00 PM, said:

CA isn't here ...


Says you :teethhappy:


They are around and they are still the developers on the game. Some of them chat in the reddit discord server now and then.

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