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What's under your Ctrl-V?


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Zusheqiel #1 Posted 15 November 2017 - 04:18 AM


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This is an old forum game but makes for an interesting turn out. All you have to do is post what's under your Ctrl-V by simply pressing Ctrl-V in the comment box. Also leave some context about it. Try and keep it within rules of the forum of course which I probably need to go read sometime.





I'll start





I was posting this video for another friend.

check it out if you want

Ardez #2 Posted 15 November 2017 - 01:34 PM


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I was also sharing this with a friend...

Cobboolio #3 Posted 16 November 2017 - 10:20 PM


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V(Network)$Color <- colours[V(Network)$country])


Me trying to use R (and failing).

EpicLeveler #4 Posted 22 December 2017 - 07:47 AM


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Block Quote


Hello everyone!

Here comes the event that I have hyped all month about and I am pleased to present the Holiday Beat down featuring me, EpicLeveler! Now, here comes the event. Similar to wargaming's Corgi event, you will be hunting individuals in the clan (mostly me RIP) and getting prizes for sinking their ship! The targeted individuals choose whatever tier they want. If you dont have the tier, tough luck, it pays to have one of every tier in your arsenal. There will be a count down for sync drops EVERY time the target drops which counts down from 3. The target does not need to wait until everyone is ready to commence the drop. Now to how the prizes are rewarded.

During each hour, the prizes for sinking the individual changes. For example: One hour it may be a month of premium time, and the next could be a doubloon prize (the full prize list and their times are shown down below). but oh ho ho, Santa's came early this year for the good little boys and girls because if you successfully protect the target while he is on your team (but not in your division), you will receive a $1 Santa crate (3 crates per person because my wallet is already crying). So, here are the rules:

Duh Rulez:

1.) Follow the rules of NGA
2.) Follow the rules of World of Warships
3.) No team killing. (purposely doing so will result in the loss of all of your prizes)
4.) No complaining about free stuff.
5.) No nagging about rewards. If EpicLeveler says you win it, you will get it.
6.) In order for a prize to be won,  at least 6 people must be sync dropping at one time (target is included in 6).
7.) The prize distribution will not be instantaneous and will have priority order of Premium ships, santa crates, doubloons, then premium time.
8.) Have fun and win some prizes!!!

There are the rules. Short, simple, and oddly charming like me! Rules are subject to change at the discretion of EpicLeveler.

Prize Hours:

12:00-12:59: 1250 Doubloons
1:00-1:59: Santa gifts: 5 pack (small)
2:00-2:59: 1250 Doubloons.
3:00-3:59: Ensigns Bounty.
4:00-4:59: 3000 Doubloons.
5:00-5:59: Santa Big Gifts: 5 pack. (medium)
6:00-6:59: 1250 Doubloons.
7:00-7:59: Leningrad OR Dunkurque Premium ship (or doubloon value).
8:00-8:59: Weekend Pass.
9:00-9:59: Santa Mega Gifts: 5 pack. (Large)
10:00-10:59: Atlanta Premium Ship (or doubloon value).
11:00-11:59: Lieutenants Bounty.

Anyone can come an go as they please. There will be a countdown every time the target drops!

Good Luck and smooth sailing!


Was typing up an event planning thread in my clan's forums for this weekend. Didnt realize I had copied it for good measure :P

OtterWolf #5 Posted 22 December 2017 - 03:47 PM


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Our protocol right now is dilute 10ml of homogenized (i.e. stirred and de-gassed) yeast slurry into 90 ml of distilled water. Then take a ml of that and dilute it with 9 more of water. (100:1) Then one drop of methylene blue and let it work while I get the microscope set up, then take a count.

Early on I put too much blue in and apart from being hard to read, it also fried the yeast. But a drop into 10ml seems to be working well now.

Main reason I asked the original question was we seem to be getting high cell counts but low viability (sometimes 50-30% after a week or so in the brink), so I was wondering if they were actually that sad, or if it was something I was doing to the sample, or if we need to adjust our harvesting practices.



Work. :-(

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