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Closed Beta Report Summary: 10.09.17

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dance210 #1 Posted 09 October 2017 - 08:58 PM

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It's Monday which means: time for another summary report! As always, this is a brief summary of the key items submitted in the weekly report. The bugs should generally be new, the key items will likely repeat week after week. If you think I missed something important or have any questions about any of the items, please let us know :)


The patch tomorrow deals mainly with pathfinding issues, so you will notice that those aren't part of the report. Please feel free to leave feedback, good or bad, on how pathfinding feels after tomorrow's patch.


Key Items

  • Replay functionality could use improvements.
  • Show progress and rewards for player levels. Show progress for titles.
  • Continue reviewing balance (e.g. cavalry, infantry, onagers, calptrops, wardogs).
  • Review friendly fire: punishments, compensation, damage dealt/received, etc.
  • Allow more versatile unit formations and commands.
  • Continue to review and improve morale system and the wavering mechanic.
  • Allow players to reconnect to a match in progress.
  • Ensure that abilities within a tech tree line with the same name or same function are assigned to the same hotkey for all tiers.
  • Commander and ability upgrades should be limited to the unit tier.
  • Adjust in-game chat to make it more versatile and user friendly.



  • Incorrect tooltip will pop up when leveling up units. Errors range from “Commander Level Isn’t High Enough” to “Not Enough Silver” even though those aren’t the issue(s) preventing the player from upgrading their unit to the next tier.
  • When you view another player’s profile page, your stats are added to their profile card.
  • In Windowed mode, many of the regular window options are missing (e.g. minimize, expand to full screen).
  • If a player hits Alt+Tab while in the matchmaking screen, then Alt+Tab back to the client, the minimap and part of the scoreboard will sometimes disappear (screenshot: http://forum.totalwararena.com/index.php?/topic/2090-cbt-21-alt-tab-makes-scoreboard-and-minimap-disappear/).
  • Player encounters “Synchronization Error.”
  • Player sometimes is unable to upgrade abilities on the tech tree. This issue can be resolved by clicking on a different page, then returning to the tech tree.
  • After attempting to upgrade the Commander tier when they did not have enough experience, the button to upgrade was greyed out. The button continued to be unclickable even after using Gold to convert Free XP. The issue was resolved only by restarting the client.
  • Player reports that using Theban Hoplites equipped with the Achilles Helm for Leonidas will cause the game to crash. This crash doesn’t occur with other commanders or units.
  • Player receive an “Error 0xf003” when trying to launch the game.
  • Player unable to upgrade Tier 2 Barbarian infantry, even though player has enough experience, silver and a Tier 3 commander.
  • After the battle ends, the “Player of the Match” screen has a white vertical  line on the right side.
  • After all units are destroyed and game asks if the player wants to leave the match, the game freezes and becomes unresponsive. Game must be closed via Task Manager.
  • Tier IV Greek cavalry would not obey attack order. Player gave the attack command; however, when cavalry unit reached the enemy unit, it did not attack. This issue only appears to occur if a charge order is not given before the attack order.
  • When the battle ends, there are multiple battle notifications in lower right corner for the same match. Clicking those will open up multiple versions of the same after battle report
  • Player was unable to access chat or use the friends list. The chat box is blank when opened and gives the error “System failed to send messages” when player attempts to type in the chat box. Player is unable to add friends to the list and he does not show up on the list for his friends.

Robert_Oakridge #2 Posted 10 October 2017 - 01:53 PM

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Go back to steam scoreboard?

dance210 #3 Posted 10 October 2017 - 02:01 PM

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View PostRobert_Oakridge, on 10 October 2017 - 06:53 AM, said:

Go back to steam scoreboard?


From the Reddit AuA :)

Block Quote


Q. Tomluk811: Do you plan to change current K/D Scoreboard? 

A. CA_Jamie: Yup! We're planning on moving back to a points-based scoreboard. 


ThisNameNotUsed #4 Posted 10 October 2017 - 10:01 PM


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I see you put caltrops in the "Continue reviewing balance" section. I threw a few more ideas into my post here:

I might be way off-base but I think there are some interesting ideas in there.

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