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Need to fix moral system.

Moral system

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NOX_Hannibal #1 Posted 16 September 2017 - 10:08 AM


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First, I am sorry that my English is not good.

I think that the steam version of the arena two years ago was more perfect.

The current version of the arena has many serious problems.

Dog and cavalry are seriously powerful.

The influence of catapult is very large like two years ago.

The most serious problem is the moral system.

I think that the moral system has broken in this version.

Insane situations occur frequently.

Let's take an example.

My 1 centurion succeeded in a perfect assault on the dog 3 units in perfect timing.

The dogs were remain only half an instant, and their morale was also brutal.

It was a perfect charge, breaking through their formation and breaking through the line.

Who should be the winner of this battle?

Is not a centurion a winner?

Unfortunately, my centurion, which has pierced the dogs,

It was immediately ruled by the dogs and centurion's moral was gone.

they immediately fled.

Even the centurion is a professional melee combat unit.

This causes serious problems.

Strategy and control, not a game that uses compatibility,

A simple game that high tier and those who possess many numbers win.

This seriously halves game fun.

In many cases, I am caught up in a situation where I do not know why my troops will be defeated.

In the steam version of the arena two years ago, in many cases, I was able to survive even like that case.

but It is impossible with the current moral system like garbage.

this moral system will give important benefits to cavalry charges. they will quickly grind enemy

The current moral system that is easily fled away will have serious problems in the future.

I am still playing games in a situation I do not know why my unit  fled away too easily

I propose to modify the moral system.

The developer wants to make a more speedy game, but the method is wrong.

I think, right method for create a speedy game is a nerf siege weapons not moral system.

It was Catapult(Onager) who made a loose game progression two years ago. Catapult was so powerful so infantry unit always stay back.

That was why don't make more speedy game.

However, developers seem to have recognized the problem not correctly.

In comparison with the arena version of the steam version two years ago, this is a serious problem when thinking that the arena two years ago was much more complete.

What has evolved over the alternative two years?


How are you thinking? testers...

R_Valle #2 Posted 16 September 2017 - 04:22 PM

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Moral is just broken in this game, specially with dogs...

I came up against a party of players that were using ONLY dogs, that being 9 units of dogs... it was brutal. They just unleash the dogs dealing massive damage even to highly armored units, while the units were pinned down by the dogs, they moved their units THROUGH my formation and attacked, dealing moral damage and send them running. It was just retarded.

There are times that my units are face to face against and opponent and they get the Flanked debuff for no reason.

There are two things that needs some rework: Dogs and Morale.

Oh and there is an actual footage of the dogs in this game:

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