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Tips for giving good Feedback or Suggestions

Feedback Suggestions

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dance210 #1 Posted 07 September 2017 - 09:38 PM

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Welcome to the Closed Beta!


Below are some tips and tricks to make finding and understanding your feedback easier for us and for your fellow testers. By working together we can make TWA amazing and your contribution is a key part of that!


The title should be descriptive and highlight the important idea(s).

  • Anyone looking at the title should be able to figure out the main point(s) from key words
  • If appropriate, include specific names (e.g. unit, Commander, abilities, map, etc.)


What are you giving the feedback on.

  • Give as much information as you can - Commander, map, unit type, tier, abilities, etc.


What is it and why is it good or bad?

  • The more specific you are, the easier it will be to understand and pass that feedback along.
  • E.g. - The wavering morale mechanic kicks in too soon, causing viable units to be lost when out of combat.


Screenshots are your friend

  • Depending on the feedback, feel free to use screenshots / videos to help illustrate the point that you are making.


How can it be improved?

  • Have suggestions on how it can be fixed (if it needs to be fixed)? Let us know!
  • While not required, suggestions for improvements or changes are always welcome. Especially if they promote discussions.
  • E.g. - This mechanic should start when 15% of the units are remaining, not when 30% are remaining.



Constructive discussions are welcome and encouraged. Seeing multiple sides of a discussion can only be a good thing and we're all here for the same reason - to make Total War ARENA rock! Just make sure to keep it classy and play nice with each other :)

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